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Main and test networks

The Netbox.Chain network is a distributed transaction ledger with transactions written in sequential order into data structures called blocks. Each block points to the previous one, so it is always possible to know the state of the network at any point in time in the past. Each block added to the blockchain is verified through a procedure known as Proof of Stake: each user can put out a certain amount of NBX coins to participate in the validation of blocks and receive a reward for it.

The Netbox.Chain functions both in the test mode and in the main mode. The Netbox.TestChain test network is designed for developers and blocks added to this network are validated without using NBX coins from the main Netbox.Chain network. The Netbox.Chain is based on the PIVX open source blockchain.

A superblocks are the first blocks on the network, in which transactions are conducted required to bring the network to its initial state: a premine emission is carried out in the amount of 72 000 000 coins.


Ticker — NBX

A variety of tools for different purposes are integrated in the Netbox.Global platform: from the ability to pay for goods around the world up to network add-ons. All this tools can be paid with Netbox.Coin.

Also users can stake NBX to get additional income and increase Netbox.Chain stability.

Transactions and


The amount of information recorded in one block can reach 2 MB - the amount of memory, in which information about 13,000 transactions can be stored. Thus, taking into account that the blocks are generated every minute, we can declare that the maximum transaction rate in the network can be about 220 TPS.


Transactions fee

Transaction fee depends on transaction data volume: the more data you send to Netbox.Chain, the more fee you have to pay. The current transaction fee is 0.00010000 NBX coins per 1 Kbyte. If you send coins, your transaction data volume depends on a number of inputs (your wallet unspent outputs) and outputs (recipient addresses). The current average fee is about 0.00003000 NBX coins. The reward for a new block is always emitted by the network itself and is distributed among the nodes involved in finding this block through the Proof of Stake procedure.

Network nodes


In the Netbox.Chain, there are two types of nodes: masternodes and ordinary nodes. An ordinary node is any Netbox.Browser running on the user's PC. Masternodes require a separate dedicated server with a fixed IP address.