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Masternodes features

  • ensure regular income for their owners;
  • ensure the privacy of transactions by mixing coins on masternodes;
  • decentralized voting through the Netbox.Vote mechanism;
  • shall always be online, have a static IP address and a fixed port;
  • Netbox.Coins allocated to enable the masternode are not stored in the masternode; thus, in case of a successful attack on the server, where the masternode is located, 10,000 Netbox.Coin allocated by the user to create it will remain safe.

To ensure the network availability at startup, the developers will put up to 20 masternodes into operation. Upon reaching the total of 100 masternodes, the developers' nodes will be disabled and the reward received from them will be burned.

Masternode's earning Calculator

1 Month
0.00 NBX
Calculate Reward for Mastenode's holder by simple calculator.
Masternodes - masternodes quantity
Period - time period
Reward - if 100 Masternodes run in the Netbox.Chain, you will get 0.00 NBX coins as a reward for the Period of 1 month(s)

How to setup masternode

Short setup instructions

For the beginners - setup your masternode according to the full masternode manual . For the advanced users - follow the steps described below:

  1. 1 Install Netbox.Browser on your local machine (if your local OS is not Windows, you need to use Netbox.Wallet GUI ).
  2. 2 Send exactly 10000 NBX to yourself. To start the masternode you need to allocate exactly 10000 NBX at a single address in your wallet. You can either Buy NBX coins from Netbox.Wallet, or buy them at crypto exchange.
  3. 3 Wait for 10 confirmations (it will take about 10 minutes).
  4. 4 Go to Tools > Debug console to open the console in your local wallet.
  5. 5 Type in: getmasternodeoutputs and do not close this window.
  6. 6 Got to your server's console and download the script: wget
  7. 7 Install the masternode: bash
  8. 8 Wait for masternode successful installation and do not close this window.
  9. 9 Go to Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File . Add a new line at the end of the masternode.conf file (it is important to put all the data in one line ). The sequence of the parameters is described below:
    • Label (for example mn0 or mn1)
    • VPS_IP:Port (copy from server's console)
    • Masternode private key (copy from server's console)
    • Transaction ID (copy from Debug console)
    • Output Index (common 0 or 1, copy from Debug console)
    • The result will look like this:
      mn0 462quT2aGwVHD9ZQr7Mmc9QVYhrK18CdjSogYUrVjd64oRNwtx8 95e8eccb4a64492133ed928557d80030ec29e8f9c3e374cfb0855373c78131a9 0
  10. 10 Save Masternode Configuration File and restart your local wallet
  11. 11 Click Masternodes tab, choose masternode's row, click Start alias button. You should see the message: Successfully started masternode.
  12. 12 To confirm that your masternode is up and running, go to server's console and type in nbx-cli masternodedebug. You should get the message: Masternode successfully started.
  13. 13 If you don’t get the success message, repeat steps 11 and 12 until masternode responds Masternode successfully started.
  14. 14 Check masternode status in Netbox.Explorer: type in your masternode IP address in the Search field. The first masternode income will be delivered soon. The masternode period reward depends on total quantity of masternodes in the Netbox.Chain. For example, if Netbox.Chain has 300 masternodes, you may get the first reward for the next 24 hours.

Masternode setup in 6 minutes