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Payment solution

Payment cards
Any user of the Netbox.Wallet can order the issue of a plastic card to be used in any payment terminals. A card is issued within a week and delivered to the client by mail.
A separate card account denominated in the fiat currency is created for the user. The user can replenish the account from their both fiat and cryptocurrency accounts. When replenishing from a cryptocurrency account, an exchange transaction will be conducted automatically.
It is also possible to configure the rules for automatic replenishment of the card account. For example, when the account balance is reduced to the specified level, the account can be replenished automatically with the specified amount. The source for replenishment can be any account, both fiat and cryptocurrency, in the Netbox.Wallet.

Online purchase payments

The Netbox.Browser automatically recognizes the situation
The issued plastic card can be used for shopping in online stores. When the user is prompted to enter the payment card information on the product payment page, the Netbox.Browser automatically recognizes the situation and offers to fill in the data of the user's issued plastic card automatically. All that is left to do for the user is to click "Pay". If there are not enough funds on the card account, it can be automatically replenished, including from a crypto account, if the corresponding conversion rule is configured.