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Distributed proxy

guaranteed by masternodes network

The main purpose of the Netbox.Proxy creation is to provide users with the ability to use the Internet without any restrictions imposed by third parties who control the access. In many countries, access to Internet is partially blocked. Unfortunately, at the same time, in many cases, users are protected not only from information that is really dangerous for them. According to the Netbox.Global team, the Internet is a free environment, which fundamental principle is the maximum availability of information.

Another important principle of the free Internet is privacy, which is currently almost not provided with standard tools available to users. For example, Internet service providers are required to disclose complete and detailed information about the user's activity on the Internet. At the same time, such actions are most often taken without any consent or, at least, notification of the user.

Mechanism access providing

Taking into account the above, Netbox.Global considers justified the creation of the Netbox.Proxy mechanism within the Netbox.Browser to provide full and private access to the entire Internet using a distributed proxy system. Compared to traditional proxies and VPN services, Netbox.Proxy is not centralized. For example, each particular proxy or VPN server can be blocked at the Internet service provider level. This makes their work vulnerable and deprives many users of the ability to have full access to the Internet.

Unlike such services, Netbox.Proxy is based on the principle of providing by some Netbox.Browser users of their Internet channels to other users. Each request can go through a completely random channel, while the traffic between the user and the point of exit from the Netbox.Proxy network to the external Internet is encrypted. Therefore, a particular provider cannot see the sequence of actions of a particular user, and, consequently, the user's privacy will not be compromised. In addition, users from countries, where certain Internet resources are blocked, will be given access to these resources through the Internet channels of users from other countries, where this access is not restricted.

Internal economy

The internal economy of working with the Netbox.Proxy is that some users of the network Netbox.Chain lease out their Internet channel and other users use this channel to access the Internet. A certain algorithm balances the loads on the Internet channels depending on their throughput capacity and the geography of users. The reward for leasing out the Internet channel depends on the amount of time, for which this channel is available for using, and on its capacity. For consumers, who get access to the Internet, to pay for the Netbox.Proxy will not be a serious financial burden and, normally, it will be compensated with accruals in Netbox.Coins for actively using the browser.