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web site trust rating

From the information point of view, the modern Internet is a very insecure environment. In this environment, there is a large amount of freely circulating low-quality content that misleads users or that is dangerous or unpleasant for them. For example, Fake News has become an unpleasant trend of recent times and their originators use their privileged position to achieve their own political or commercial goals. However, the establishment of centralized censorship on the Internet would run counter to the principles of freedom of information.

Therefore, the Netbox.Trust product, in which users will be able to evaluate the content to interact in the Netbox.Browser, was proposed for the Netbox.Global infrastructure. Low-quality content will be labeled by the users of the Netbox.Browser and these labels will be saved in the Netbox.Chain to avoid the possibility of compromising them.
On the other hand, when accessing the Internet via the Netbox.Browser, users will receive instant information on the quality of the content that has been rated by other users. For example, if a user visits a product page in an online store and other users have labeled that page as a "low-quality product" or "unreliable supplier", the Netbox.Browser will display an appropriate warning signal to the user.
The Netbox.Trust can be used via the Netbox.Browser by both those, who want to evaluate the content, as well as for the content consumers, who want to get information about it from the community. In addition to direct ratings, users can leave their comments, which are also recorded in the Netbox.Chain and subsequently extracted from there to be demonstrated.

The content evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • information authenticity;
  • content safety;
  • suitability for children;
  • product quality (for online stores);
  • supplier reliability (for online stores).

As a result, the Netbox.Browser can be configured in such a way that a certain type of content is not displayed or displayed with a warning. For example, in case any content that is inappropriate for children is blocked via the Netbox.Trust, it is possible to have a browser, in which the mental state and emotions of the child are not threatened.