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Initiatives and voting

Decentralization is the central idea in the philosophy of the Netbox.Global team. This applies not only to the ways of the technical implementation of the infrastructure, but also to the ways of management and development of the products. Netbox.Global, not being a corporate entity, strives for active community participation in strategic and tactical decision-making. To do this, the Netbox.Chain blockchain includes Netbox.Vote - an initiative and voting tool.
Each member of the network can put forward their own idea of infrastructure development in general or of the implementation of specific aspects of the products. Such an initiative is recorded in Netbox.Chain and subsequently other users can support it by voting. Users' voices are also recorded in Netbox.Chain to demonstrate transparency in making decisions about the further project development.
In addition to direct voting, users can fund any idea. When creating an initiative, a separate address in the Netbox.Chain is automatically created for it, to which users can donate their funds to support its development and implementation within Netbox.Global. The funds collected for the implementation of initiatives become available to the team only after the team starts working on the selected initiative. The funds donated for initiatives that have not been accepted for execution within two weeks are returned to the users in full. The initiatives put forward, the results of the voting, as well as the collected amounts are available in the special Netbox.Chain section of the Blockchain Explorer. When drawing up a development plan and choosing the initiatives to be implemented, the team is guided by the results of the users' voting and taking into the funds collected for their implementation. Initiatives, for which the product of the number of votes and the amount of the collected funds is maximum, are included in the priority development plan. The development plan is published on the Netbox.Global website and the development progress can be traced in our GitHub.