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Unlike usual web browsers, Netbox.Browser is a node on blockchain
The more Netbox.Browsers there are online, the more fast and stable Netbox.Chain is. The whole architecture of Netbox.Chain is designed to provide rewards for active Netbox.Browser users.

Install Netbox.Browser now and get 20 Netbox.Coins straight away.

The offer is limited: only the first 125,000 browser users will receive 20 Netbox.Coins each.

Browse the web the way you got used to and get rewarded.

The more time you spend in Netbox.Browser, the more Netbox.Coins you get.

Stake your Netbox.Coins and get rewarded.

Netbox.Browser is not just a web browser, but a blockchain node. Participate in blockchain infrastructure with PoS and get rewarded.

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Masternodes have the following features: ensure regular income for their owners, ensure the privacy
of transactions by mixing coins on masternodes, etc. If you are interested in running a masternode, please
click here to learn more.

Encouraging Netbox.Global network members.
A browser is a product that is an entry point to the Internet and its users are a huge community that is committed to network transparency and self-regulation. That is why we decided to create a blockchain-based Netbox.Browser, which users are distributed around the world and are able to join their forces to create a new transparent Internet access tool. The Netbox.Global infrastructure and its key product - Netbox.Browser - are the tools in the hands of a wide community of users, each and every one of which has and exercises their right to have a free global network owned by them.
Founders of Netbox.Global


web browser
The first decentralized web browser with integrated blockchain node. It includes Netbox.Wallet, which is credited with rewards for the active usage of the browser.
Netbox.Chain ΠΈ Netbox.Coin
blockchain network and cryptocurrency
A distributed ledger for the operation of the Netbox.Global infrastructure and products; it is based on PoS and a masternode subnet; it uses the Netbox.Coin as an internal cryptocurrency.
distributed application marketplace
A dApp store for free and safe distributed applications usage in the Netbox.Browser. The first dApp based on Netbox.Browser: BattleShip game.
2019 β€” 2020
multi-currency crypto-wallet
It is integrated into the Netbox.Browser. It features storage, exchange, and transactions using both the Netbox.Coin cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum).
payment gateway
Payment transactions in online stores; issuance of payment cards for offline transactions; automatic top-up of the card account using cryptocurrency accounts.
initiative and voting tool
A mechanism built into the Netbox.Chain for managing the development of the Netbox.Global project.
website trust rating
Blockchain-based web pages rating done by users and for users.
blockchain video hosting service
A video hosting service based on a distributed storage space and a distributed index located within the blockchain.
distributed cloud storage
Cloud storage for user files based on a distributed storage space and distributed index located within the blockchain.
distributed proxy
A client node network to provide untraceable Internet access using the Netbox.Browser.